25 February 2022

Walking Tour to Bamford Edge

A word from Sabine on one of our walks, hosted by the Chaplaincy. We run these regularly so please check our events page if you would like to join us on one!

An image of students on a walk

Taking the bus from Western Bank, an international group of students and Sabine enjoyed a scenic ride along the A57 out of Sheffield to Cutthroat Bridge (a perfectly safe place these days, but a murder scene 400 years ago).  We walked gently uphill over open grassland to a mysterious Stone Circle, about 4,000 years old, and took in the great vistas across to Stanage Edge and Win Hill.  Proceeding in bright sunshine over open heathland, we had several encounters with Red Grouse (a brown bird which looks a bit like a chicken) and their funny 'chut!chut!chut!’ sound followed us around.  After a funny and fierce snowball fight (for some international students a first!), we settled down on an old wall for a lunch break, sharing treats from all over the world.  Yummy!  After a bit more walking we reached Bamford Edge, where suddenly a breathtaking view was spread out below our feet, across the Hope Valley and Ladybower Reservoir, all glistening in the sunshine.  The rocks made the perfect stage for great photos, so we took loads of them!  After walking along the edge for a while, we finally descended through a beautiful ancient forest, with gnarled oak trees, moss-covered boulders, and a cheeky Robin, to catch the bus back to Sheffield.  What a glorious day it was: we had so much fun and shared many interesting stories!