Deep Talk Workshops for EU–UK Uncertainty

Wooden figures in the sandA programme of 'Deep Talk' sessions for University staff, as part of the programme of events about EU–UK uncertainty will take place Wednesdays 08, 15 and 22 May 2019 12h–13h and can be booked onto by emailing the facilitator (see details below). This set of sessions are open to all University staff experiencing any kind of uncertainty because of the impending change in the UK's connectedness to the EU.

We have had very positive feedback from staff who have have participated in previous 'Deep Talk' sessions, including that it:
- "gave me new insights and perspectives";
- "helped me develop a greater awareness of [...] my everyday and work life";
- "provided a space for collective reflection".

The 'Deep Talk' method uses story-telling, dialogue, metaphor and a change of perspective to enable participants learn from each other and tell it how it really is. This may well serve as a catalyst for seeing things differently and even taking new action ... but nothing is prescribed, except the same set of people in dialogue, playing with possibilities for three one hour slots.

These sessions are hosted at the Chaplaincy, are inclusive and designed, equally, for all, with or without a religion or belief identity.

The sessions will take place in the Chaplaincy Activity Room, L9, in the Octagon Centre: this room is accessible. To book in for the three sessions simply send an email to to say you want to attend.

The facilitator for these sessions is Jeremy Clines, University Chaplain (Development)