Supporting Students of the University

The Chaplaincy is available for staff and students of the university, including students on a leave of absence, as well as families of students, and recent graduates.

We can meet with students to discuss matters which are of concern to them, whether religious matters or otherwise. We have supported students who are feeling homesick, who are contemplating major changes (such as withdrawing from study or changing courses), who are struggling with housemates, who are concerned for friends, who have been bereaved, among many other issues. Our remit is not generally to give specialist advice, but to listen and support.

We also run some weekly community-building events, which students can drop into. These include brunch and Chaplaincy in the Pub, and may be of value in particular to students who are finding it hard to make friends. They tend to be low-pressure social gatherings, with small numbers, and with chaplains present to facilitate.

In addition, we run occasional, facilitated peer-support groups for students who have been bereaved: Good Grief!

We don't have a formal referrals or booking system. Students can drop in between 12 and 2, Monday to Friday during semester, when a chaplain will be available (there may be someone around at other times, too). Or they can email to make an appointment. If they would like to see someone of a particular faith or belief background, or prefer to see someone specific, they can find us via the faith-based home pages.

We are also able to support and advise staff with questions about supporting students from particular faith backgrounds. You are advised to email or look at our contacts page.