The Parson Cross Initiative (PXI)

Nine images, of people playing guitar, pencils, scissors, and other craft items, and PXI logoPXI began in 2010 as a project funded by the Methodist Church, and working with local church, community groups and others

Based in Parson Cross, in North East Sheffield, they aim to create community and provide support and sanctuary for people living in the local area of Parson Cross, Southey, Longley and Foxhill. They work in partnership with churches and other organisations to provide services and support to people and to promote social justice and inclusion.

They provide a range of activities, such as Community Cooking Groups, a Social Cafe, art and music groups. They also provide emergency food support.

Love, Hope, Grace and Advocacy in Action are the things they look to, to guide them in all that they do.

Get involved:

The Chaplaincy collects donations for the PXI foodbank. Why not add an extra couple of items to your basket, next time you go shopping, and drop them off in the box in the common room? They particularly need:

Tinned peas and carrots
Tinned sweet corn
Tinned potatoes
Instant mash
Instant noodles/instant pasta sachets
Tinned fruit
Tinned meat
Tinned tuna/salmon/sardines etc
Rice pudding
Pasta sauce
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned curry/chilli
UHT milk
Toiletries - toilet roll, shower gel, soap, shampoo
Sanitary pads/tampax

Please note that PXI can only accept in-date, unopened food. If you have out-of-date food that you'd like to get rid of, why not give it to The Real Junk Food Project?

Alternatively, you can make a financial donation, via the PXI page.