As a research centre, sponsorship is welcomed to support:

  • Focus Fortnights, Seminars and other events.
  • Research Assistants.
  • The CHEBS website.
  • The running costs of the Centre.

Sponsors enjoy various tangible and intangible benefits, including:


Sponsors may send any number of delegates to Seminars without charge, whereas a charge is levied on employees of other commercial organisations.

Research Assistants

Research Assistants are able to engage in a wide range of research activities. Sponsors can recommend the research in which Research Assistants are engaged given that a large part of sponsors´ funding is used to pay their salaries.

Short Courses

Sponsors' employees enjoy a reduced fee for attendance at short courses run by CHEBS.


Having identified some tangible benefits to sponsors, there are other less tangible but very substantial benefits of being directly associated with CHEBS, a successful and influential research centre:

  • CHEBS' vision is to provide leadership in the field by influencing both regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. Success will confer influence to our sponsors, who will also be rightly viewed as providing leadership in the field.
  • CHEBS seeks to ensure that its sponsors have the opportunity to learn and benefit from its research agenda ahead of other organisations.
  • CHEBS provides sponsors with preferential access to its consultancy services.