CHEBS has developed some standard software that may be of use to analysts involved in economic modelling including Excel macros for sampling from multivariate distributions and tools for conducting probabilistic sensitivity analysis.

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Excel macros for sampling from multivariate Normal and Dirichlet distributions

  • Excel macros have been updated to work with Excel 2016. Use the 'CHEBS_functions_Excel_2016_MasterFile.xlsm' file in the zip archive.
  • We have released a new video to go with the new macros. You can find this with the Excel file in the zip archive.
  • The video for the previous 2012 version is available here.
  • If you are planning on using the CHEBS Excel functions in a single Excel file across multiple machines, it is recommended that you import the code directly into the Excel file. This may be done by selecting "File -> Import File" within the VBA screen, and importing the .bas file contained within the zip file

Fast efficient method for single parameter partial EVPI

Probabilistic sensitivity analysis via Gaussian process emulation

  • GEM-SA, a general-purpose tool for building a Gaussian process emulator of a complex model
  • R functions for use in conjunction with GEM-SA for performing a probabilistic sensitivity analysis

GEM-SA can be downloaded from Tony O'Hagan's website.

Estimating the expected value of sample information for incomplete data models using Bayesian approximation

  • R and WinBUGS code for conducting the analysis

The R Project for Statistical Computing


Excel macros for sampling from multivariate distributions (Zip archive, 14.2MB)

PSA R functions (Zip archive, 56KB)

EVSI R and WinBUGS code (Zip archive, 10KB)

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