Professor David James

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Chemical and Biological Engineering
The University of Sheffield
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I graduated in 1989 from KingĀ“s College London with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, followed by postdoctoral research in Wye College (University of London), then the University of Kent; the latter a joint project with the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering at University College London. Following appointment to Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer at Kent, I moved to the University of Queensland in 2001 as an Associate Professor of Bioengineering, then Professorial Research Fellow in the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

I was appointed to a Chair in Bioprocess Engineering at Sheffield in 2006 with a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award "Research and Training in Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing for UK Bioindustry".

Research Interests

The James laboratory is one of the few academic labs worldwide that conducts research into bioprocessing based on mammalian cell factories. Researchers undertake a range of multidisciplinary projects mostly funded in collaboration with UK and US industrial partners; from understanding of cell factory function in the engineered environment at the genomic level to the development of new recombinant biopharmaceutical production and analysis platforms.

My lab research projects:

Adam Brown: Design and engineering of synthetic genetic constructs for biopharmaceutical production. (EPSRC and UCB Celltech)

Joseph Cartwright: Rapid analysis of production instability in CHO cells. (EPSRC and Pfizer)

Dr Sarah Davies: Rapid phenotypic profiling of CHO cells. (EU FP7)

Dr Paul Dobson: Modelling amino acid transport by CHO cells. (EPSRC via ChELSI)

Darren Geoghegan: Functional analysis of nutrient transporter systems in CHO cells (EPSRC and Lonza Biologics)

Al Hussain: Model-based optimisation of amino acid transport in CHO cells (Self-funded)

Yusuf Johari: Control of fusion protein synthesis and aggregation in CHO cells (Biogen Idec)

Clare Lovelady: Harnessing functional heterogeneity in CHO cell populations (BBSRC and Lonza Biologics)

Alejandro Martell: Phenotypic diversity and heritability in CHO cell populations (Conacyt scholarship)

Olivia Mozley: A molecular analysis of CHO cell transfection by endocytosis (University of Sheffield and A*Star Singapore)

Leon Pybus: Modelling monoclonal antibody production by CHO cells (BBSRC and MedImmune)

Aidan Riley: Use of GPI anchors in protein expression by mammalian cells (EPSRC and Asterion)

Camille Segarra: An integrated platform for rapid monoclonal antibody production by CHO cells (BBSRC and Pall)

Katie Syddall: In vitro evolution of CHO cells for biopharmaceutical production. (BBSRC and Lonza Biologics)

Dr Ben Thompson: A molecular dissection of CHO cell transfection by endocytosis (EPSRC KTA and Yorkshire Forward)

Christa Walther: CHO cell surface function in synthetic culture environments (Pfizer)

Nathan West: Engineering biopharmaceutical production in CHO cells using components of the mammalian UPR (BBSRC and A*Star Singapore)

Robert Whitfield: Control of CHO cell adaptation to a synthetic environment. (BBSRC and Pfizer)