Recycling in the Chemistry Department

Recycling ImageWe take recycling and sustainability seriously in the Chemistry Department. We were the best recyclers in the Science Faculty in 2012-2013. Moreover, many of the recycling procedures that are in place across campus were originally piloted in the Chemistry Department.

From April 2013 to March 2014 we recycled amongst other things:

  • 12000 Solvent Bottles (excluding smaller solvent bottles). 50 containers full of bottles have been returned overall;
  • 3000 Solvent Boxes and 6000 Solvent Box inners;
  • 69 Drums of waste solvent ( 14145 L in total). All waste solvent is recycled completely, mostly in the manufacture of cement;
  • 162 Toner cartridges, more than 700 electrical items and more than 370 batteries;
  • Four wheelie bins of pipette tip boxes and 7500 bin bags of polystyrene chips.

 Green Impact TeamAs part of the Green Impact campaign, these figures will be maintained, and the Green Impact Chemistry team will use these pages to keep you updated about any future events, such as energy saving competitions and incentives.

Keep in touch! Let us know what you think, and if you have an idea about improving sustainability let us know, or if you simply want to become involved.

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