Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry symposium held in Sheffield

The Department of Chemistry hosted the symposium Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry on September 15th.

Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry LogoThe Advances in Boronic Organic Chemistry symposium was born from the idea of communicating and networking for academic researchers in the field of boronic organic chemistry. A key theme of the conference was the use of organoboron chemistry for selective and efficient small molecule synthesis.

The symposium, which was attended by around 50 delegates, was comprised of lectures from academic and industrial scientists. It offered a general perspective of the opportunities and challenges in the field of organic chemistry from the perspective of both sectors. Additionally, the networking and "face-to-face" career talks offered the chance for attendees to discuss future partnerships and forge new collaborations.

Representative of the international nature of chemical research, the symposium featured four invited speakers from universities and industries from the UK, Spain, France and Germany. In addition, contributions from two ESR (Early Stage Researcher) speakers and PhD level scientists were able to communicate their own research, with a prize for best oral communication going to Mr Marco Sabatini (University College London, UK).

Symposia combining industry and academic research help to strengthen ties between the two worlds. The ability for early researchers to network with industrial contacts acts to advance scientific knowledge and creates discussion of the latest discoveries.