Learning and teaching recognition for PhD student Dan Jenkinson

Dan JenkinsonPhD student Dan Jenkinson has been awarded Associate Fellow status by the Higher Education Academy. The fellowship is part of a programme of professional recognition for university staff and postgraduate students who are involved in learning and teaching.

In the latest round of accreditations, Dan was one of more than 30 people who have been made an Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy by completing the Personal Pathway and Foundation Pathway of the University of Sheffield's Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme.

Three other Chemistry PhD students were made Fellows of the Higher Education Academy in December, thanks in part to their roles as Graduate Teaching Assistants who help to run teaching sessions in our undergraduate laboratories.

On his Associate Fellowship, Dan said: "I am very glad to have got some official recognition for the teaching and outreach work that I did over the course of my PhD. For now I will be going into secondary education, but if I do one day decide that I would like to return to teaching at a university level, I'm sure this accreditation will be very helpful – especially as I was not a GTA and so would potentially have a lot less experience than my competitors."

The announcement was made shortly after Dan passed his PhD viva. He has been working on the synthesis and analysis of dyes for super-resolution microscopy with Professor Simon Jones here in Chemistry, and Dr Ashley Cadby in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Fluorescence chemistry for football kits

As a member of our student society, ChemSoc, Dan took part in the group's annual football tournament. Through his connections in the fluorescence chemistry industry, he sourced fluorescent kits for his team. Dan explains:

"It all started when I saw a team from another department with sponsored shirts and they said they paid the company for to make the shirts for them. I thought I would be a bit cheeky and reached out to Fluorochem to see if they would provide us with some shirts for free and, lo and behold, they were happy to, so long as their logo was front and centre.

"After finalising our own team logo and providing a list of names, Fluorochem sent us our shirts in no time at all. We loved how bright they were as they really made us stand out. So far we have had fluorescent orange, pink and bright green – hopefully they will continue to support the team for many years to come."

Football team