Researcher presents at the Houses of Parliament

Dr Daniel Mitchell presenting research at the STEM for Britain competitionDr Daniel Mitchell, a post-doctoral researcher in Dr Barbara Ciani’s research group was recently invited to present research at parliament on Monday 13th March.

The competition is called STEM for Britain, formerly SET for Britain. The competition has been run since 1997 and was established to encourage the collaboration and promotion of research to politicians. The event is designed for early-career researchers, such as postgraduates and post-doctoral researchers.

Many different areas of research are invited to present their research including: Biology and Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Mathematics. The goal is the collaboration and showcasing of British research in a Research and Development environment and to merge together research and politics.

Dr Daniel Mitchell was selected as one of a handful for researchers to present his research, which he has performed within the Ciani group. The research he presented was investigating recyclable biomaterials using self-assembling peptides. The peptides themselves are designed to arrange themselves into specific formations spontaneously in solutions. If a specific enzyme is added to the solution, the peptide disassembles and thus makes a recyclable system. The real-world applications of this research have to potential to be used in drug delivery or as scaffolds for regenerative medicine.

About the event Daniel said “I enjoyed meeting other researchers and visiting the houses of parliament. I also had a good chat with the university's MP Paul Blomfield, who managed to take time out to visit the poster session despite the Brexit debate taking place at the same time!”

Written By
Joe Clarke

With thanks and contribution from Dr Daniel Mitchell.