ChemSoc presents the Annual Fireworks Lecture

Wednesday the 16th of November marked 2016’s annual fireworks lecture at the University of Sheffield. Presented this year by Rev. Ron Lancaster from Kimbolton Fireworks, the event provided an explosive and colourful insight into the chemistry behind fireworks.

Below is a small selection of pictures from the lecture, for more see the department's Facebook and Instagram pages.

A particular highlight included the origins of the different colours of fireworks. Colour in fireworks arise from the different combinations of metals due to the different wavelengths of light emitted during the combustion process.

  • Red colour arises from Strontium salts.
  • Green colour from Barium salts
  • Blue colour from Copper salts.
  • Pink colour arises from a mixture of Strontium and Copper salts

Rev. Ron Lancaster generating a red coloured firework

Rev. Ron Lancaster generating a Blue coloured fireworkRev. Ron Lancaster generating a green coloured firework