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  • Joe Harrity

    Pd Catalysed Piperidine Synthesis

    Research in Prof. Harrity's group has found a new method for the synthesis of piperidine via palladium-catalysis. This research has been highlighted as a front cover in the journal, "Chemistry A European Journal".

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  • Meijer+Weinstein

    Finding Vibrations that matter

    In a recent Nature Communications, the Meijer and Weinstein groups report on a method to single out the vibrations, which influence an electron-transfer reaction in a series of Platinum complexes.

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  • Dept2

    Support Staff Retirement

    Mr Harry Adams and Ms Elaine Fisher have retired from the department after a combined 91 years of service.

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  • Dept2

    Sheffield Science and Engineering Festival 2017

    March 2017 has seen the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University celebrate Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering, a public engagement festival to promote research to the wider public audience.

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  • Anthony Meijer

    Tunnelling above Room Temperature

    Collaborative research between Dr Anthony Meijer of our department and researchers at the Universities of Nijmegen and Cologne has found conclusive evidence for hydrogen tunnelling at temperatures above room temperature.

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  • Lee Brammer

    Nature Chemistry publication for Brammer Group

    Prof. Lee Brammer has published a paper in the prestigious Nature Chemistry journal reporting novel behaviour of metal-organic-frameworks.

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  • Dept2

    Dr Daniel Mitchell presents at Parliament

    Dr Daniel Mitchell, postdoctoral researcher in Dr Barbara Ciani's group, presented research at the STEM for Britain competition in the Houses of Parliament.

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  • Sir Fraser Stoddart visits the department

    Nobel Prize Laureate visits the department

    Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart visited the department on the 14th of March to talk about the research that lead to his Nobel Prize.

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  • Dept2

    International Women's Day 2017

    International Womens Day 2017 celebrated two memebers of the chemistry department community, Miss Pauline Boulding and Dr Sarah Staniland.

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  • The cover of the sixth issue of Resonance

    Spring 2017 issue of Resonance

    The sixth issue of our student run magazine Resonance, has recently been published.

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  • Dept2

    RSC Analyst Competition

    The department hosted the local heats of the RSC analyst competition with four local secondary schools sending students to compete.

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  • Dept2

    Charles Stirling Lecture Series

    The Charles Stirling Lecture series has been launched to inform students on the research undertaken in the department. The first speaker was Prof. Mike Ward talking about supramolecular chemistry.

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  • Dr Stuart Archer Culinary Chemistry Lecture

    Culinary Chemicals ChemSoc Lecture

    Masterchef finalist and postdoctoral research Dr Stuart Archer delivered a lecture on the chemistry behind cooking as well as practical demonstrations of how to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

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  • Thumbnail

    Towards a table-top synchrotron

    A Department of Chemistry academic is part of a research team that is working towards ways to shrink some of the most powerful technologies from large scale facilities to table top equipment.

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  • Adrien Chauvet

    Dr Chauvet's Science Paper

    Newly appointed lecturer of Physical Chemistry, Dr Adrien Chauvet, has recently published his research in the prestigious journal Science.

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