Postgraduate Poster session

The first faculty of Science postgraduate poster session was held at the end of April showing the wide breadth of research performed at the university. The event was organised for second and third year Faculty of Science postgraduate researchers to present posters describing their research.

Wide shot of the postgraduate poster session

With around 180 postgraduate students presenting posters, the event presented the opportunity for students to interact with other departments, strengthening collaborations and encourage engagement with researchers outside of their own department.

Prizes were also presented to the best posters, judged by two academics from each department, split into two categories, Outstanding Prizes for the best posters and Special Mentions.

Alec Johns poster award Rosie Jarrald poster award Thomas Neal poster awardSimon Fairbanks poster award

Specifically to chemistry, Alec Johns was awarded an Outstanding Prize for his research on finding a facile and efficient synthesis of DNA containing an interstrand crosslink induced by formaldehyde to enable the study of the repair mechanism. This research has real-life applications to patients suffering from Fanconi Anemia, who are sensitive to interstrand crosslink inducing agents meaning they are more likely to develop cancer.

In addition, Special Mentions were awarded to three researchers. Rosie Jarrald, studies the protein controlled formation of magnetic nanoparticles patterned on surfaces, with the potential application of creating bit patterned media. Thomas Neal who studies as part of the Sheffield Colloid network. Finally, Simon Fairbanks, co-supervised between chemistry and MBB (molecular biology and biotechnology), studies the binding of chiral ruthenium complex to DNA using NMR experiments, with the aim to generate a 3D structure of the complexes bound to DNA.

For more information on the breadth of research performed here in the chemistry department, browse our website for details on research clusters and facilities.

Written By:
Joe Clarke

With thanks and contributions from Patricia Hart, Rosie Jarrald, Alec Johns and Simon Fairbanks