Recent Staff Promotions

The chemistry department is pleased to announce three promotions to members of academic staff in the recent round of promotions. Simon Jones has been promoted to Professor, Sarah Staniland has been promoted to Reader and Sasha Mykhaylyk has been promoted to Senior Research Fellow.

Prof. Simon Jones

Simon JonesProf. Jones joined the department in 2003 as a lecturer in organic chemistry. He was promoted to senior lecture in 2005 and then to Reader in 2013.

Prof. Jones's research focuses on three interests in synthetic organic chemistry.

  • Asymmetric synthesis: developing new methods for controlled, selective molecular construction.
  • Probes of biologically active molecules: the synthesis of new molecules that can probe biochemical pathways. Examples include new magnetic imaging contrast agents and 13C labelled anti-cancer agents.
  • Biologically active molecule synthesis: the synthesis of molecules that could be used as anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics.

Dr Sarah Staniland

Sarah StanilandDr Staniland joined the department as a senior lecturer in bionanoscience in 2013. In 2016 she was awarded the RSC Harrison-Mendola Prize.

Dr Staniland’s research focuses on magnetite nanoparticles, with an interest in the formation of membrane surrounded magnetite nanoparticles. Several projects are under investigation in the group including:

  • Using genetic engineering and transition metal solution chemistry to alter and enhance the magnetosome particles in vivo;
  • Using the magnetic bacterial Mms proteins to control the synthesis of enhanced and functional magnetite nanoparticles in vitro;
  • Performing these biomimetic formations on surfaces in organised and functional arrays;
  • Using these and lipid membranes to surround the particles and attach them to surfaces;
  • Using physical and biological probes to analysis how these biomineralisation protein actually control this process so precisely.

Dr Sasha Mykhaylyk

Oleksandr MykhaylykDr Mykhaylyk joined the department in 2004 where he was promoted to Research Fellow in 2011. He currently manages the new Soft Matter AnalyticaL Laboratory that opened in October 2016.

Much of Dr Mykhaylyk’s research focuses on the structural analysis of soft matter materials and polymers at the soft matter analytical laboratory. To do this structural information from scattering techniques such as SAXS are used to provide experimental data associated with Fourier space. His current research focuses on thermo-responsive block-copolymer micelles and vesicles.

In addition, he has developed a new technique for the rheo-optical measurement of polymeric liquid called SIPLI, Shear-Induced Polarised Light Imaging. Further research into the development of this technique for in-situ studies of gels and polymers continues.