ECIS-Solvay award for Prof. Steven Armes

Steve ArmesProf Steven P. Armes, FRS has been awarded the "European Colloid and Interface Science award, sponsored by Solvay", ECIS-Solvay Prize, for his recent work on the rational design of bespoke block copolymer nanoparticles via polymerisation-induced self-assembly (PISA).

Prof. Armes has transformed this field over the past seven years by demonstrating that RAFT-mediated dispersion polymerisation can be used to prepare well-defined spheres, worm-like or vesicular particles in either water, polar solvents such as lower alcohols or non-polar solvents such as n-alkanes. At least one commercial product is currently being developed by an industrial sponsor that is based on PISA formulations developed by Prof. Armes and his team.

The ECIS-Solvay award is granted to any European scientist judged to have demonstrated original scientific research to a high quality in one or more recent publications. Prof. Armes was nominated by other members of the ECIS with his work judged by a committee of company representatives. The ceremony will take place in Madrid later this year.

Congratulations to Steve who adds another award to his already prestigious academic career.