Thesis award award for Sheffield PhD student

Will Cullen AwardWill Cullen, who recently completed his PhD under the joint supervision of Mike Ward and Chris Hunter, was awarded the 2015 PhD Thesis Award by the 'Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (MASC) Discussion Group' (a Royal Society of Chemistry sub-group). The prize was a £100 cheque and an opportunity to give a talk at the annual meeting of the MASC discussion group in December 2015 at Durham University, which was attended by around 100 people. The photo shows him being awarded his prize by Dr. Mike Watkinson who chairs the MASC group.

Will's work involved the study of self-assembly and host-guest chemistry of 'coordination cages', hollow molecules that encapsulate other small molecules inside them. It resulted in 8 publications including papers in Nature Chemistry, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Science, and Inorganic Chemistry. WIll is now doing a one-year postdoc in Mike Ward's group funded by an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship.