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Photo of Chemistry student Megha in a park
Megha Baburaj Sijarani
Masters student
MSc Drug Discovery Science
Megha studied Chemistry at BSc and MSc level in India before realising her passion for medicinal chemistry and drug discovery which culminated in her moving to the UK to study Drug Discovery Science in Sheffield.
Photo of Chemistry student Megha in a park

I applied for MSc in Drug Discovery Science at 5 Russell Group Universities and opted for the University of Sheffield. One of the main reasons I opted for this university is its comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of topics relevant to medicinal chemistry and drug discovery including bioinformatic techniques. Additionally, Sheffield doesn’t have the hustle of a large city, but the place provides ample facilities for an affordable and peaceful life. There are lots of spots around Sheffield worth spending the weekends there. 

One of my favourite things about this course is the computer-aided drug design techniques. I have developed a genuine interest in these computational things in the drug discovery field, thanks to engaging coursework that involved the computational designing and optimization of a drug. Also, taking an optional module on protein modelling allowed me to delve deeper into various software and databases in this field.  Through this course, I learned pharmacological and pharmaceutical aspects for the first time and fell In love with it.

I have developed a lot more skills since my arrival here. These include problem-solving, critical thinking, data-analytics, communication, presentation and organisational skills, which I honed through various activities and assessments throughout the year. Furthermore, time management was a crucial skill that I had to master to cope with a demanding one-year course without feeling overwhelmed. 

Additionally, I used to face stage fright and anxiety when speaking in front of an audience. However, after attending some helpful sessions and workshops, I now feel more confident and able to present my ideas without fear. Repeated presentations for coursework and dissertation purposes have genuinely improved my presentation skills.

Alongside my studies, I attended the 2023 European Peptide Synthesis Conference in Leeds with my classmates, and GSK Revealed 2023, where I had the chance to connect with professionals and peers in the industry. I am also delighted to share my volunteer work, as it has been an immensely rewarding part of my journey. I had the opportunity to volunteer with The Talent Foundry on their pilot programme with the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

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