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Chemistry courses

Our professionally accredited courses are driven by the latest discoveries in chemistry, and students come from all over the world for the knowledge and training we provide.

First you'll learn the essentials, the principles and processes that every chemist needs to know. Then you'll hone your skills in the lab and construct your own research project, under the expert guidance of world-class scientists who work at the cutting edge of chemistry. You can also study abroad for a year, or get invaluable work experience with a year in industry.

Chemistry – MChem or BSc

UCAS codes: F105 / F100

The four-year MChem Chemistry degree is our most popular course, but both standard chemistry degrees give you the essential knowledge and practical training you need for a career in chemistry.

Chemistry with Study in Industry

UCAS code: F106

This course is based on our four-year MChem Chemistry course, but you'll spend the whole of your third year on a work placement in the chemical industry. It's a great opportunity to improve your CV.

Chemistry with Study in Australasia or America

UCAS codes: F108 / F109

On this course, you'll cover all the same topics as you would on our four-year MChem Chemistry course, but in your third year you'll be learning chemistry at a top university in another part of the world.  

Chemistry with Biological and
Medicinal Chemistry

UCAS code: C720

This specialist course covers the essential chemistry every professional chemist needs, but includes biology and medicine modules too, so you can graduate with a unique set of skills employers are looking for.

Chemical Physics

– accredited by the Institute of Physics

UCAS code: F335

This course draws equally from the Department of Chemistry and Sheffield's Department of Physics and Astronomy to cover many areas where the two subjects meet, such as nanotechnology and polymers.