Hannah Fowler

Hannah FowlerDegree: MChem Chemistry

Between her third and fourth year, Hannah took part in the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience to complete a summer placement in one of our labs. This led to her being credited as a contributing author in a published research paper.

"During the summer, I took part in a project within the theoretical chemistry group to investigate the most likely method of carbon dioxide breakdown by a new catalyst. The day-to-day experience of working within a research group was unlike anything I had experienced before. Not only was it technically interesting, it gave me a real insight into what investigative research could be like as a possible career.

"As a result of the positive experience I had, both with the project and the supportive team I worked in, it has put me on a future path to a career in research. In addition to developing new techniques within the field, I also cultivated the essential skills of delivering effective presentations and writing reports, which will be vital for future work. Furthermore, the project provided me with the opportunity to attend a conference at a nearby university, as well as the option to present a poster at a showcase event being held early next year; so the benefits
extend well beyond the end of the project.

"However, the highlight of my time was that some of the work contributed towards a research paper and I was credited as a contributing author in the subsequent published paper – something I never imagined could happen to an undergraduate!"