Yangrong Liu

Yangrong LiuDegree: BSc Chemistry

Graduate role: Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Home country: China

Yangrong Lui completed our 3+1 joint degree programme with Nanjing Tech University, where students studied in China for the first three years of their degree, before coming to Sheffield for their final year. He then completed a masters degree at University College London before taking a job back in China.

"I work at Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I'm working on molecular beam epitaxial growth of Tellurium Cadmium Mercury. It is a kind of infrared detector material. I also do the waste tellurium-cadmium substrate polishing work.

"The University of Sheffield has a very good reputation. I also learnt from the internet that the city of Sheffield is very nice. The 3+1 joint programme was a very good opportunity for me to study in the UK. The experience has been very helpful. The learning environment was very flexible, quite different from China. The stuff I learnt can also be used in my current job.

"Because of the Sheffield degree, it was very easy to apply for postgraduate study. Part of the reason why I could find my current job is my experience of studying in the UK.

"If I did not come to Sheffield, I wouldn’t have a Sheffield degree therefore I won’t be accepted by University College London to do postgraduate study. I couldn’t have found my current job either."

Joint degree programmes with Nanjing Tech University