Kieren McIlduff

Kieren McIlduffDegree: BSc Chemistry

Graduate role: Research Executive, Blueprint Partnership

Keiren is applying the expertise he gained from his Sheffield chemistry degree to a career in pharmaceutical market research.

"I'm currently a Research Executive at Blueprint Partnership, a company that specialises in pharmaceutical market research – after leaving university I made the choice to apply here as I wasn’t entirely sure a career in the lab was for me, but I knew I still wanted to be involved in science in some fashion. It’s a great place to be as they give you real responsibility from day one, joining ongoing projects and getting stuck into real research being conducted for potential drugs of the future. That and you have the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world as much of the research is international!

"Studying Chemistry at Sheffield was a hugely important part of getting to this position; it’s a challenging course but truly rewarding as it always pushed me to achieve more than I thought I could. You of course learn fundamental science, but outside of that you gain significant experience of working as a team and autonomously in labs, presenting results and taking on longer individual projects – all of which are crucial transferable skills. Outside of the course, in my 3rd year I took part in the Skill Build course – a series of lectures that provided me with valuable insight on project management which helped me stand out in my interview.

"I chose Sheffield because of the friendly but hard-working environment, and the fact that you’re actively encouraged to learn more than just the bare minimum – an attitude that will benefit you long after your degree."