Nicholas Tsim

Nicholas TsimDegree: MChem Chemistry

Graduate role: Software Developer, Hive IT

Nicholas developed an interest in programming as part of his degree, and moved into software development by landing a role at a digital agency here in Sheffield.

"I am a Software Developer currently working at a growing digital agency called Hive IT in Sheffield. The work is very enjoyable as it appeals to my analytical mindset and allows me to learn new things daily. I am quite a perfectionist at heart so it is very rewarding to come up with elegant solutions to hard problems for a client (or the company).

"My first 'real' taste of programming was during my final year project at the University. The project was computational chemistry-based and at the time I was very interested in seeing how computers and chemistry theory came together. The work only had a very small amount of writing basic programmes here and there, but it was enough to peak my interest in programming itself.

"Unfortunately, I was very busy with university life all the way up until graduation so I didn't get an opportunity to really explore programming further until then. However, by that point, I had decided to try and find a career in the industry so that I could study it in a hands-on practical way. It took about four or five months of intensively studying web development (specifically PHP) before I finally landed my first role!

"Since then, my knowledge has grown massively and I still find great satisfaction in writing code. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some awesome people and projects along the way. In summary, it was the right decision career-wise and I have no regrets!"