Yumei Zhu (May)

Yumei ZhuDegree: BSc Chemistry

Graduate role: Laboratory Technician, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED), China

Home country: China

May completed our 3+1 joint degree programme with Nanjing Tech University, where students studied in China for the first three years of their degree, before coming to Sheffield for their final year.

”出国留学是一个对知识获取,人生阅历都有很大影响的事情,谢菲尔德大学在国际上都很知名,大学里的老师们非常专业,非常友好, 而且谢菲尔德这座城市非常适合学习居住.”

"Studying abroad has been a great influence on my knowledge acquisition and life experience. The University of Sheffield is well-known around the world. The lecturers are very professional and very friendly, and Sheffield is a great place to study and live."


"My current job requires me to read a large amount of foreign literature. My experience of studying at the University of Sheffield makes me much more relaxed in acquiring new knowledge."

Joint degree programmes with Nanjing Tech University