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Chemical Biology

Chemical biology is the chemistry of, for, and from life. Members of this cluster apply chemical principles and techniques to understanding mechanisms in biology, use chemical synthesis to intervene in biological systems, and use biology as an inspiration to design and produce new or useful materials and systems. Our work underpins and contributes to diverse areas such as healthcare, lifelong well-being and healthy ageing alongside the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical biology major themes

  • Biological Chemistry and Mechanistic Biology - understanding the reactions and interactions fundamental to life
  • Medicinal Chemistry, Diagnostics and Imaging - including synthesis for biology
  • Functional Assemblies - protein bioengineering, synthetic biology and bio-inspired supramolecular chemistry


For further information about Chemical Biology at Sheffield please see the staff page of individual researchers below:

Jane Grasby

Professor Jane A. Grasby

Professor of Biological Chemistry and Head of Chemical Biology Cluster

Tel: 0114 222 9478

Beining Chen

Professor Beining Chen

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9467

Barbara Ciani

Dr Barbara Ciani

Lecturer in Biophysical Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9438

Tim Craggs

Dr Timothy D. Craggs

Lecturer in Biological Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9347

Joe Harrity

Professor Joseph P. A. Harrity

Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9496

Richard Jackson

Professor Richard F. W. Jackson

Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9464

Jim Reid

Dr Jim Reid

Lecturer in Chemical Biology

Tel: 0114 222 9558

Sarah Staniland

Dr Sarah S. Staniland

Reader in Bionanoscience

Tel: 0114 222 9539

David Williams

Dr David M. Williams

Reader in Chemical Biology

Tel: 0114 222 9502