Molecules designed in increasing size and complexity

Molecular Design and Catalysis

Between them the members of the Molecular Design and Catalysis cluster have expertise across organic and inorganic chemistry. They have a common interest in syntheses of new molecular architectures - from small molecules and supramolecular assemblies to metal organic frameworks – focusing on functional systems whose properties could be used in a wide range of applications.

Molecular design and catalysis major themes:

  • Catalysis – the design, synthesis, and characterisation of organometallic- and organo-catalysts, and supramolecular catalysts, metal oxides and metal nanoparticles.
  • Self-assembly – of functional molecular architectures, porous coordination frameworks, and graphene inspired nano-materials
  • Molecular recognition - recognising and sensing ions, molecules, and bio-molecules
  • Synthetic methods – finding new ways of making molecules and supramolecular assemblies, asymmetric synthesis, as well as understanding mechanisms, and identifying structure-property relationships


For further information about Molecular Design and Catalysis at Sheffield please see the staff page of individual researchers below:

Jim Thomas

Professor Jim A. Thomas

Professor of Bio-inorganic Chemistry and Head of Molecular Design and Catalysis Cluster

Tel: 0114 222 9325

Lee Brammer

Professor Lee Brammer

Professor of Inorganic and Solid State Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9536

Iain Coldham

Professor Iain Coldham

Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9428

Marco Conte

Dr Marco Conte

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9506

Jona Foster

Dr Jonathan A. Foster

Ramsay and Sheffield Vice Chancellor's Fellow

Tel: 0114 222 9427

Tony Haynes

Dr Anthony Haynes

Reader in Inorganic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9326

Simon Jones

Professor Simon Jones

Professor of Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9483

Mike Morris

Dr Michael J. Morris

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9363

Benjamin Partridge

Dr Benjamin M. Partridge

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9303

Peter Portius

Dr Peter Portius

Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9436

Lance Twyman

Dr Lance J. Twyman

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Tel: 0114 222 9560

Nick Williams

Professor Nicholas H. Williams

Professor in Physical Organic Chemistry and Director of Learning and Teaching

Tel: 0114 222 9469

Members of other research clusters active in molecular design and catalysis