Synthesis Cluster

The section’s activities encompass a wide range of projects in organic and inorganic chemistry which are based around the syntheses of new compounds and study of their properties and applications.

Specific examples include:

  • homogeneous and polymer supported catalysis with transition-metal complexes;
  • reactivity and reaction mechanisms of organometallic complexes;
  • new organic synthetic pathways using transition metal complexes;
  • asymmetric synthetic methodology and asymmetric catalysis;
  • cycloaddition reactions in syntheses;
  • syntheses of unnatural amino acids;
  • photo- and electro-chemically active metal complexes and materials;
  • synthesis and application of high-energy compounds;
  • interaction of metal complexes with DNA;
  • transition-metal based coordination and supramolecular chemistry;
  • self-assembly and crystal engineering;
  • modelling intermolecular interactions in transition metal compounds.

Members of the Synthesis Cluster.

Lee Brammer

Prof Lee Brammer

Iain Coldham

Prof Iain Coldham

Joe Harrity

Prof Joe Harrity

Marco Conte

Dr Marco Conte

Jona Foster

Dr Jonathan Foster

Tony Haynes

Dr Tony Haynes

Ahmed Iraqi

Dr Ahmed Iraqi

Richard Jackson

Prof Richard Jackson

Simon Jones

Dr Simon Jones

Mike Morris

Dr Mike Morris

Peter Portius

Dr Peter Portius

Jim Thomas

Prof Jim Thomas

Mark Winter

Prof Mark Winter

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding Synthesis and Catalysis in Sheffield, or would like to find out more about us, please contact any of the above or e-mail to: Prof Joe Harrity