Chemistry Schools

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Designed to take the drudgery out of basic chemical calculations, Chemputer can work out the following, and more:

  • Molecular weights
  • Elemental analysis
  • Isotope patterns for compounds
  • VSEPR molecular shapes

OrbitronThe Orbitron

The Orbitron is a gallery of atomic orbitals, featuring:

  • Images representing orbitals
  • Animated plots of wave functions
  • Animated plots of electron density
  • "Dot-density" plots of electron density
  • Plots of radial distribution functions

RSC Interactive Lab Primer (ILP)

This resource gives a complete introduction to all major techniques used and working safely in laboratories, and was developed by the RSC in conjunction with the Universities of Sheffield, Birmingham, Nottingham and Southampton as part of their Chemistry For Our Future initiative. It is invaluable as a teaching resource in schools, for students coming to use our facility, and also those thinking of studying chemistry at university.

The ILP includes descriptions of safe laboratory etiquette, instructions and videos of all common laboratory techniques, and a general guide to lab apparatus. It also features a reference for general important chemical information like conversions, abbreviations, multiplication factors and a glossary.

Learn ChemistryRSC Learn Chemistry

A fully comprehensive set of resources produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry for teachers to use in lessons, ranging from lesson plans and experiments to interactive online activities for students. The resources here are suitable for teaching children all the way from primary school to sixth form.

RSC SpectraSchool

A brilliant introduction to the main spectroscopic techniques. This resource can also be used in conjunction with our Spectroscopy In A Suitcase service, developed by the RSC.

The website covers the basics of the theory behind infra-red (IR), NMR and mass spectroscopy, and contains many online spectra. There is also an "Identify" quiz function which gives some spectroscopic data for an "unknown" compound, and asks the user to work out which compound the spectra represent. This website is useful for teaching the techniques and interpretion of each type of spectroscopy, as well as revision for students.

Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Calculator

VSEPR is a simple theory that lets us predict the shapes of many molecules quickly and easily. This online resourse includes an introductory tutorial and example molecules rendered in 3D.

WebElementsWebElements – the Periodic Table on the web

With over 52 million users every year, WebElements is the foremost educational site in Chemistry anywhere! WebElements is a periodic table with a difference - click on any symbol and you get all of the basic information on that element plus:

  • Graphs relating it to every other element in the periodic table
  • Pictures of the element
  • Movies illustrating many reactions
  • And more...

In short, you have much of the basics of chemistry encapsulated into one easy to understand and attractively produced package. Best of all, it's free!