Support staff

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Name Area of Responsibility Room Phone Email
Mr. Harry Adams X-ray crystallography H2 29373 H.Adams
Mrs. Sarah Alexander Postgraduate Recruitment Administrator C15 29521 Sarah.Alexander
Mr. Stephen Atkin Primary Research Technician for D22, D43, E38 & E82 C45 29494 S.Atkin
Ms. Michelle Bates Secretary Departmental Office C70 29300 M.Bates
Mr. Richard Bottomley Teaching Lab Manager/NMR D56 29466 R.Bottomley
Mr. Neil Bramall Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Centre B11k1 23616 N.Bramall
Mrs. Louise Brown-Leng Departmental Administrator/HR support C36 29307 A.L.Brown-Leng
Ms. Xiaohua (Cathay) Chen Secretary Nanjing programme D33 29473 Xiaohua.Chen
Ms. Sharon Curl Reprographics/Stores C31 29486 S.Curl
Dr. Jennifer Dick Programme Manager D33 29409 Jennifer.Dick
Mr. Peter Farran Faculty of Science Stores Manager B42 29369 P.Farran
Mrs. Elaine Fisher Postgraduate Recruitment Administrator C15 29319 E.Fisher
Mr. Adam Ford Technician D54 29425 Adam.Ford
Ms. Elaine Frary Research Support and Deputy Safety Officer C50 29487 E.Frary
Dr. Joe Gaunt Project Manager C33 29440 J.Gaunt
Ms. Heather Grievson Primary Research Technician for the F - floor labs and D78 C50 29557 H.Grievson
Dr. Deborah Hammond Sheffield Surface Analysis Centre Kroto Centre
Office S12
29348 D.Hammond
Mr. Robert Hanson Spectroscopy/Chromatography C43 29508/9 R.J.Hanson
Mr. Daniel Jackson Glass Workshop B35 29377 D.P.Jackson
Miss Sarah Johnson Administrative Assistant C12a 29306 Sarah.Johnson
Mr. Dean Liversidge IT Support Manager C28 29366 D.Liversidge
Ms. Helen Lockwood Secretary Departmental Office C70 29451 H.Lockwood
Dr. Jennifer Louth Microanalyst/Research support C44 29387 J.Louth
Ms. Sandra Marshall Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator C12a 29500 S.Marshall
Mr. Keith Owen Research support & Grubbs Service Support C43 29352/9344 K.Owen
Mrs. Denise Richards Financial Administrator C33 29340 E.D.Richards
Ms. Alison Smith Inorganic Teaching Laboratory C48a 29323 A.E.Smith
Mr. Nick Smith Stores B42 29369 N.R.Smith
Mrs. Rachel Smith PA to Head of Department/Teaching Support Coordinator C85 29336 Rachel.E.Smith
Mrs. Sharon Spey Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Centre B11b 29480 S.E.Spey
Mr. Joshua Swift IT Support C28 29368 J.Swift
Mr. Simon Thorpe Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Centre B11b 29480/1 S.J.Thorpe
Mr. David Towers Physical Teaching Laboratory D54 29425 D.N.Towers
Mr. Garry Turner Chemistry Workshop Manager C27 29523 Garry.Turner
Mr. Richard Truswell Workshop/Refrigeration C27 29437 R.F.Truswell
Dr Sandra van Meurs NMR Service Manager C37 29312 S.vanMeurs
Mr. Ben Wadsworth Teaching Technician E46 29475 B.S.Wadsworth
Miss Sarah Ward Postgraduate Administration Assistant C15 29417 S.L.Ward
Mr. Richard Wilkinson Departmental Safety Officer/Research support C32 29434 R.S.Wilkinson