Sheffield made it possible to be where I am today

Ingrid Schiagar Skinnarland
Ingrid Schiager Skinnarland
Eyde Trainee, Eyde-cluster
MChem Chemistry
Ingrid came from Norway to do our four-year MChem Chemistry degree. After graduation, she returned home to join the graduate trainee scheme run by the Eyde cluster of chemical process industry companies.

I started my career after university by participating in a graduate scheme with Trainee Sør and Eyde-cluster. It consisted of three-six months positions in the research and development departments of the companies Glencore Nikkelverk, Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials, and GE Healthcare.

To choose chemistry as a career path was easy for me as it was my favourite subject and I enjoyed understanding the underlying mechanisms and reactions of what we can observe.

Ingrid Schiager Skinnarland

MChem Chemistry

Now I am working as a scientist for GE Healthcare Lindesnes Fabrikker, a factory producing bulk substance for contrast media. 75% of my work is dedicated to an industrial PhD in cooperation with University of Bergen. I have always enjoyed research and to find more pieces to the big puzzle. An industrial PhD gives my PhD an extra dimension as I can see how my work can be used to improve current processes.

My time in Sheffield gave me a great chemistry degree, making it possible to be where I am today. I also grew on a personal level by getting involved in societies at the students union and volunteering as a beaver leader for a local scout group.

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