I grew both as a chemist and personally

Sam Harding
Sam Harding
Undergraduate student
MChem Chemistry
Sam took part in our Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) programme, which gives students the chance to complete a summer placement with one of our research groups.

I am a fourth-year MChem student and spent six weeks taking part in the SURE scheme in the summer between my third and fourth years. The project I undertook was on the synthesis of hypercrosslinked polymers (HCPs) and their applications for the removal of radioactive metal ions from nuclear waste water streams.

The chemistry behind the project was really fascinating and involved a large amount of synthesis as well as performing analyses on the products I'd made to ensure they were viable for use removing these ions, though thankfully we weren't playing with the radioactive forms.

Sam Harding

Chemistry MChem

I was exposed to a wide range of techniques, chemicals and equipment that I'd previously not encountered. I found this interesting as it was an opportunity to expand my skillset and also to see equipment in action which I’d previously only learnt about theoretically in lectures. As well as this it was great working in a research group with PhD chemists who have a real passion for the subject.

I really enjoyed this experience and feel it enabled me to grow both as a chemist and personally and my experience in this scheme has really cemented my desire to continue my chemistry education past the MChem course and undertake a PhD.

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