Aims and Objectives

The aims of CHIMR are threefold:

  • To undertake analytical, evaluative and innovative research to improve the management of health information at an international level.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of research in the management of health information to the international community.
  • To provide international research-led education in health information management and health informatics as part of professional development of workers in healthcare.

More specifically the objectives of CHIMR are to:

  • to undertake analyses in specific areas of health and medical research using statistical methods and data mining and knowledge discovery methods.
  • undertake research into the information behaviours of health and social care consumers.
  • to disseminate the products of health information research and development through organisation of international annual symposia and workshops.
  • to disseminate research outputs through publications in the international academic and professional literature.
  • to manage and develop further a distance learning continuing professional education Health Informatics programme.
  • to develop further and evaluate innovative methods of delivering distance learning materials.
  • to undertake research and to evaluate the impact of the Health Informatics programme on practitioner information behaviour in the work place.