Earthquake Engineering

The devastating effects of earthquakes to the built environment as well as the introduction of new stricter codes of practice necessitate the development of construction materials and techniques that can be used effectively for the seismic strengthening and upgrading of structures and buildings.

Research activities in this area include development of innovative techniques and materials for seismic strengthening, such as column confinement with FRP laminates and metal strapping (Figure 1), examination of the seismic behaviour of strengthened concrete frames, development of theoretical resistance-capacity models and earthquake risk assessment methodologies. Research collaborative work is also carried out on full-scale shaking-table testing of reinforced concrete frames (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Cylinder strengthening with post-tensioned metal straps

Current PhD Topics

  • Earthquake risk assessment: attenuation and vulnerability issues
  • Seismic behaviour of flat-slab to column connection
  • Seismic strengthening using FRP confinement
  • Seismic upgrading of concrete frames using innovative techniques
  • Seismic behaviour and strengthening of deficient low strength RC beam-column joints
  • Thin-walled steel seismic resistant moment frame buildings

Past Research Projects

Ahmad S. (2011), Vulnerability assessment framework for RC buildings in developing countries, PhD thesis.

Khan S. A. (2011), An earthquake risk assessment framework for developing countries: Pakistan a case study, PhD Thesis.

Kyriakides N. (2007), Vulnerability of RC buildings and risk assessment for Cyprus, PhD Thesis.

Mortazavi A. A. (2003), Repair/strengthening of RC columns with FRP, PhD Thesis.

Kythreoti S. (2001), Earthquake risk assessment and management, PhD Thesis.

Haas M. (1996), Earthquake resistant design of RC Walls, PhD Thesis.

Frangou M. (1996), Strengthening of concrete by lateral confinement, PhD Thesis.

Frangou M. (1992), Repair/strengthening of concrete by lateral post-tensioning, MPhil Thesis.

Full-scale shaking table testing of strengthened concrete frame carried out under the European Union EcoLeader project