Fibre Reinforced Polymers

This type of composite non-corrosive reinforcement is typically used to reinforce concrete elements susceptible to aggressive environments. In addition, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets and plates are used to externally strengthen reinforced concrete frames.

Research activities include development of curved FRP reinforcement, experimental and analytical evaluation of the structural resistance and durability of concrete elements reinforced internally or strengthened externally with FRP reinforcement, and development of design methodologies.

The construction innovation group participates to the activities of fib task group 9.3 and carries out collaborative research through various European and international projects, such as En-Core, Curved-NFR, ConFibreCrete and Eurocrete. The group also participates in full-scale shaking-table testing of reinforced concrete frames strengthened with FRP.

FRP types, examined by the construction innovation group, include aramid, carbon and glass re-bars and laminates.

Uniaxial tensile testing of FRP rebar

Current Topics

  • Analysis and design of curved non-ferrous reinforcement for reinforced concrete applications
  • Bond behaviour of FRP bars in glass fibre reinforced concrete
  • Design and safety philosophy for FRP RC elements
  • Effect of tension stiffening on cracking and deflection of FRP reinforced concrete flexural elements
  • Seismic strengthening using FRP confinement
  • Shear behaviour of FRP RC elements
  • Tension stiffening behaviour of RP-reinforced concrete

Curved FRP strips used as shear reinforcement


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