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Afflick, Mr David ICT Support Analyst 21116
Alcock, Mr Cliff Teaching Space Manager 23194
Ali, Mrs Razia ICT Support Co-ordinator 21183
Armstrong, Mr Jesse Learning & Teaching Technology Adviser 21121
Atkinson, Mr Guy Learning Services Assistant 23005
Axe, Mr Ian Voice and Data Support Assistant 21139/33333
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Bowler, Mr David ICT Support Analyst 23087
Burton, Mr Daniel Learning Services Assistant 23005
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Callaghan, Mr Jamie Service Management Systems Administrator 23093
Cavanagh, Miss Amy Learning Services Assistant 23005
Cawkwell-Blunn, Mr Mark IT Business and Systems Manager 23145
Clow, Mr Chris Learning & Teaching Systems Manager 23014
Cocker, Mr Roy Senior Voice and Data Support Assistant 23080/33333
Colley, Mr Alexander Teaching Technology Support Advisor 29297
Cooke, Mr Paul ICT Support Analyst 21189
Cornford, Mr Laurence Web Support Officer 21191
Courtney, Mr Daniel Frontline IT Services Manager 21153
Cropper, Mr Patrick Learning Services Assistant 23005
D Back to the top
Daniels, Mr Chris Telecomunications Development Officer 23117
Davies, Mr Ray Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 29297
Davies, Mr Rob Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 23000
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Ebbins, Mrs Susan Receptionist/Clerical Officer 23055
Elliott, Miss Amanda Clerical Officer 29066
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Fidler, Mr James Voice and Data Support Assistant 23076/33333
Franklin, Mr Mark Voice and Data Support Manager 29293
G Back to the top
Garrison, Mrs Sandra Senior Clerical Officer 29061
Geller, Mr Oliver Learning Services Assistant 23005
Gillard, Ms Tabitha ICT Support Assistant 23142
Gourlay, Mrs Melanie Learning Services Assistant 23005
H Back to the top
Hamre, Mr James Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 29296
Harby, Mr Shaun Voice and Data Support Specialist 23067/33333
Hardie, Mr Peter Faculty IT Manager (Engineering) 29723
Harding, Miss Lucy Helpdesk Support Assistant 21111
Harrison, Mr Andy Voice and Data Support Assistant 23126/33333
Hartley, Mr Edward ICT Support Analyst 23139
Helliwell, Mr Gary Voice and Data Support Co-ordinator 23079/33333
Hibberd, Mr Thomas Learning & Teaching Systems Support Assistant 23032
Hibbert, Mr Andy Voice and Data Support Assistant 23082/33333
Hill, Mr Robert ICT Support Analyst 23054
Hobson, Miss Jane Learning Services Supervisor 23005
Holah, Miss Lois Helpdesk Support Assistant 21111
Hopkin, Mr Andrew Teaching Space Assistant 29295
K Back to the top
Kerr, Mr Andrew ICT Support Analyst 23109
Knowles, Mr Ian Learning and Teaching Infrastructure Support Manager 29294
L Back to the top
Leek, Mrs Jane Assistant Helpdesk Manager 23090
Liu, Mr Henry Learning Services Assistant 23005
Longley, Mr Ian Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 23988
Lynch, Mr Andrew ICT Support Assistant 23129
M Back to the top
Marsden, Miss Christine Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 23053
McGregor, Miss Abbie Faculty IT Manager (Arts & Humanities) 21177
McKown, Mr Alex Teaching Technology Support Advisor 29297
McNally, Miss Laura Learning & Teaching Systems Support Assistant 23096
McRae, Mr Joshua ICT Support Analyst 23131
McSweeney, Mr Adam Teaching Technology Support Advisor 29297
Mudd, Miss Caroline Learning Services Assistant 23005
Mugambwa, Mr Ronald Voice and Data Support Technician 23061/33333
O Back to the top
Ollerenshaw, Miss Zoe IT Support Assistant 21111
Osborne, Mr Bernard Voice and Data Infrastructure Development 23084
P Back to the top
Palmer, Mr Ian Faculty IT Manager (Medicine, Dentistry & Health) 28766
Panella, Ms Patrice Head of Learning and Teaching Support 21135
Pashley, Mr Robert Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 23115
Peck, Mr Adam IT Support Assistant 21111
Phelan, Mr Mark IT Assistant 27316
Pirnie, Ms Tessa Learning Services Assistant 23005
Prodger, Mrs Tessa Learning Services Assistant 23005
S Back to the top
Salter, Mrs Jayne UCards/Registration Manager 23051
Simms, Mr Peter Voice and Data Support Assistant 23085/33333
Slack, Mr James Learning & Teaching Systems Officer 21167
Stewart, Mr Gregory Voice and Data Support Technician 33333
Stewart, Mr Nicholas Apprentice ICT Support Assistant 21154
Sweetland, Mr Errol IT Support Manager 21184
T Back to the top
Tarplett, Mr Andrew Learning & Teaching Support Advisor 27060
Toulson, Mr Matthew ICT Support Analyst 23132
W Back to the top
Walster, Mr Andrew Voice and Data Support Assistant 21149/33333
Wegrzynski, Mr Alex Senior Voice and Data Support Technician 23081/33333
Whalley, Mrs Grazyna IT Training Officer 21112
Whelpton, Mr Ian Learning & Teaching Technical Engineer 29295
Wilcox, Miss Charlotte Clerical Officer 23167
Wild, Mr Luke Teaching Technology Support Advisor 23011


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