Using the Google Play store

About the Google Play store

The Google Play store allows you to get apps, games, films and books for your android device. You can access it either from your android device or from the Google Play website from a computer.

Google Play and university Google accounts

I you have registered your android device with your university email address, or are signed in to your university Google account when accessing Google Play web, you may get an error message when you try to purchase items from Google Play.

"Error: An error occurred, please try again"  on an Android device

"Google Wallet has not been enabled by the administrator for the domain" on the Google Play Store web.

These error messages are a result of Google Wallet not being enabled on the university Google Apps domain, Google wallet enables the purchasing of items with your Google account, meaning these error messages will not display when installing free items. In order to purchase items from the Google Play Store on a device registered to your university Google account, you will need to add a personal account to your device.

Adding a personal account to android devices.

Why we haven't enabled Google Wallet

Google Wallet is not enabled for university Google accounts because any items you buy will be tied to that account. This means when you leave the university and your computer accounts, including your Google ones, are closed you would lose any items you had purchased.