Tab Options

Registrations Registration information, e.g. programme, mode of attendance, period (year) of registration, start and end dates, expected completion date etc. (information for current registration period is displayed by default)
Addresses Different addresses, eg Home, Term Time (ie Sheffield).
Applicant Details Details of programme applications from the admissions stage
Attainments Details of pre-entry and Sheffield qualifications, e.g. attainment type, subject code/description, grade, date.
CAS Details Details of Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies.
Contacts Next of Kin name and relationship (click on Next icon in toolbar to display Next of Kin Addresses information block).
Disabilities Disability type, description, dates.
Display All RPRs Lists summary details of all registration/changes made to the record.
Personal Details Additional personal details, e.g. names, country of birth, nationality, disability.
Personal Notes Further information relating to the student in the form of standardised notes. Click Next Record/Previous Record icon to scroll through entries. To open up a field and view full entry, double click with the mouse. Press Cancel to return.
Research Assess Graduate research student details
Student Fees Lists student fees details per year.
Student Identities Dates relating to first entry/completion, thesis details.
Student Payments Not relevant.
Student Support Details of student sponsors, fee payment information, etc.
Supervisors Related staff links including role type, name, dates (e.g. Personal Tutor, Supervisor)
Unit Choices List of student’s module choices.
Unit Results Units/modules relating to the current registration, including module/unit results. A cumulative listing of all modules/units, with summary results information, is available by clicking on the Cumulative Results button within the Unit Results screen. To return to the main screen, click on the Exit icon.
More Financial Contains registration dates.
More Personal Additional personal information, e.g. Number of children
More Registration Additional information, e.g. Prizes awarded
  • To access one of the above sets of information, click on the relevant tab.
  • To return to the Registrations information block, click on the Registrations tab or click on the Exit icon.
  • To exit the Student Details (Composite) screen, click on the Exit icon.
  • To exit the Student Records screen, click on the Exit icon.
  • To exit CIS, click on the Exit icon and then click Yes.

Please note there are more tabs than will fit on the screen. You can locate the missing ones by clicking on the small square button at the bottom left of the screen. This will list all the available tabs. It is also possible to edit the tabs to suit individual needs. To do this simply click the Personalise Tabs button and click the tick boxes of the tabs you regularly use. A ticked box will cause the associated tab to display. Click OK when finished.