cPanel service users

The following groups can use the cPanel service:

  • Departments
  • Research Groups
  • Staff - for personal webpages
  • Postgraduate Students - for work/academic purposes
  • Student Clubs and Societies
  • Retired members of staff - for academic purposes


The Content Management System (CMS) should be used for all 'public-facing' University web pages unless technically not possible. Contact CiCS and Student Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing (SRAM) to find out if CMS is suitable for specific purposes.

Departments should, ideally:

  • use one cPanel account
  • have sub-sections as necessary - rather than many separate accounts
  • have clear links from department 'public' CMS site to cPanel hosted content

Research groups

The account is for University purposes. A member of staff must approve and be responsible for the account.

These accounts cover:

  • Research Groups
  • activities that do not fit the other categories
  • specially-approved external bodies


Registration is freely available for individual staff members to use cPanel for work or personal use within 50 Mb limits. Requests for increased space will be considered carefully, as popular sites should move to commercial hosting services. Eg personal web pages on gardening may become the website for Sheffield Gardeners Club.

Postgraduate research students

Postgraduate research students may use the service only for work purposes and not for 'hobby' sites. Registration is freely available and needs the signature of your supervisor, or another staff member. Requests for increases in space will be considered carefully.

Student clubs and societies

Student Union clubs and societies may use the cPanel service with approval from the head of Student Union IT Services or a senior member of Union staff.

Informal student groups can't use the service.

A student group that is not a Union club or society, but does have a recognised function in the University (eg within a department), can register as a group - a staff member needs to approve the application and take responsibility for the activities of the group.