Recording and Editing Booths

Media booth with micbooth wider view


All of the Apple mac computers will have been replaced with high specification University managed desktop computers.

You can no longer use your CCM computer account, but instead request new creative media network storage as part of your University login. Once set up, you can use any managed desktop PC on campus, however the replacement high specification computers in Creative Media will offer superior performance.


The Recording & Editing Booths (rooms 4.08 to 4.15) are comfortable and well-equipped spaces for creating digital media, located on level 4 of The Diamond. The booths are equipped with a high specification computer, professional recording microphone that records directly into a selection of applications. They are suitable for the following types of multimedia projects:

  • Video Editing
  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Editing
  • Image Editing
  • Screencasting (with voiceover)
  • Animation

Obtaining your own Creative Media Network Storage

Creative Media Storage Request Form
To use this facility we recommend you edit all digital media work directly from your very own creative media network storage. Once set up, you can access your creative media storage via your network drive, located in 'This PC' when logging on with your university credentials on any managed desktop Windows PC.
The storage will be labelled Creative Media and located under 'X' drive, which comes with 50GB of quota.

This dedicated storage can be obtained by using the form above. Please allow up to two working days to receive your storage allocation. Each creative media storage allocation is issued per project basis. All files on the account will be deleted the day after the expiry date set. If working in a group, only one storage access is needed.

Software Available

Software available: Everything the university managed desktop offers, including; Adobe CC 2018 (includes Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, InDesign, Prelude, Media Encoder etc), Audacity, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and many more.