Recording Options

What is Recorded?

Timetabled Teaching Sessions

From September 2017 all teaching session in enabled spaces will be recorded by default. Your departments will give you the opportunity to request that certain sessions or entire modules are not recorded by using a specific Opt Out form that they will send to you. Your Department will then decide which sessions to not record and students will be informed accordingly.

For a list of enabled rooms see the list below

Encore Enabled Rooms

Non Modular Bookings

If you have a one off event or a teaching session that is not linked to a module code then you will need to specifically request that this is recorded using the form below.

Booking Form

Not In An Enabled Room?

If you want to record your lecture in a room that is not yet enabled or want to create your own recordings outside of the Lecture Theatre you can download Personal Capture for Mac or Windows machines.

Personal Capture

Why Use Lecture Capture

Why Use Lecture Capture

Learning and Teaching Benefits


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Encore is a lecture capture system enabling the recording of audio, visual and screen capture of lectures or events. The service is available to staff and research postgraduates.

The University of Sheffield cannot guarantee 100% reliability and back ups should be provisioned for important events.

The policies outlined in this document only apply to recordings made using the Encore system.

Policy Guidelines