Connecting to new filestore on Windows

To connect from off campus you will need to connect to VPN. If you haven't set up VPN on your computer, do that before trying to connect to your filestore.

Set up VPN on Windows

To browse to your University Filestore:

  1. In your search bar or and Explorer Window type in your server name followed by Eg.
    • \\ (staff)
    • \\ (students)
    • (NB. You can find your server name by visiting the CiCS password page, logging in and selecting Option 8.)
  2. Enter your University username followed by @shefuniad e.g. cl1ve@shefuniad
  3. Enter your password if prompted
  4. When you are connected you will be presented with a folder named Home.
  5. Your personal University Filestore will be stored in a folder named with your 2 letter username prefix.