13th May 2017 - Ransomware

As of 09:00, Friday 19 May there have been no incidences of the ransomware attack at the University of Sheffield.

CiCS continue to manage the situation as an Information Security Incident and are working to reduce the risk to the University in the event that we are impacted by the ransomware.

We are not aware of any incidence of this at the University of Sheffield. However, to help keep the University protected it is essential that all staff do the following:

  • Immediately power off any computer you suspect has been been affected by this attack and contact the CiCS Helpdesk on 0114 222 1111.
  • Ensure that the latest software updates are fully installed on all computers you use for work. This may require restarting your computers.
  • Ensure that all systems under your control are up to date and secure.
  • Exercise caution when downloading and opening email attachments. If in doubt do not open the email/attachment; contact the CiCS Helpdesk for advice.

By doing these things you can protect yourself and the University. CiCS staff are working to ensure that centrally managed University IT services remain secure and will continue to closely monitor the situation.

CiCS are managing this situation in accordance with the University‚Äôs Information Security Incident Policy