Ransomware May 2017

You may have seen in the news that many organisations worldwide, including the NHS, have been affected by a large-scale ransomware attack. This attack can affect individuals as well as big organisations resulting in computers becoming unusable and files being lost.

What would you do if your computer became unusable and all data on it was lost?

Following some simple computer security steps can help keep you and your work safe:

If you think your computer has been affected then IMMEDIATELY TURN IT OFF by pressing and holding the power button. Get in touch with the CiCS Helpdesk by calling 0114 222 1111

Software Updates

Make sure you have installed the latest updates for your computer. There may be several updates in the next few days. Always let your computer go through the full update process, including restarts, whenever it requests them. Don’t put it off!

Installing software updates

Email attachments

Be cautious when working with email. If you’re not expecting an attachment, then don’t open it. Only download attachments you know are safe.

Web links

Be careful when browsing the internet. Links, content and adverts on some websites, in particular streaming sites with lots of pop ups, can infect your computer.