Information Commons Teaching Facilities

The IC teaching facilities are equipped with state of the art technology including touch screen display systems, Sympodiums (interactive monitor) plasma/data projection screens, DVD players and desktop PCs (laptops in Room 1.27).


  • 1.26 (formerly known as Collaboratory 1) - Level 1
    40 seats/ 10 PCs
  • 1.27 (formerly known as Collaboratory 2) - Level 1
    36 seats/ flexible teaching space
  • 3.02- Level 3
    32 seats/ 32 PCs
  • 4.02 - Level 4
    24 seats/ 24 PCs


The touch screen display technology enables the teaching PC, DVD player or any student workstation PCs to be displayed on wall-mounted plasma/data projection screens.

The Sympodium allows you to write over anything you display in digital ink, highlight concepts, and take snapshots for example. Your audience will instantly see your writing displayed onto the screen as you deliver prepared or impromptu material.

Room 1.27 is equipped with an Access Grid node (video conferencing system) which allows discussions with students and experts from other institutions.

For more information regarding each teaching facility, please visit the 'Introductory video' web page available from the right hand side of the page.


The teaching spaces in the IC can be booked via the Central Room Booking System.

  • Please note that the IC has restricted access and therefore rooms should not be booked for events that include non-staff or non-students. If this affects you, please contact the IC directly to discuss options.

Training and Technical Support

We offer training to teaching staff in group and one-to-one sessions. Training can cover anything from how to use the teaching spaces to how to make a podcast using the Edirol MP3/Wave recorders.

To arrange a group or one-to-one training session please contact us:

email :