The Resource Bookings system is the replacement for MyRooms&Resources from September 18th, you will be able to find Resource Bookings in MUSE, all CiCS managed resources (Group Rooms, Creative Media, Assistive Spaces, Laptop Loans) will be exclusively bookable through Resource Bookings. However MyRooms&Resources will still be taking requests for the AMRC, Journalism, Transport and Graduate Research Centre with a view to move them over as soon as possible for more information on specific department resources please contact your department. For general information please contact the CiCS Helpdesk 0114 22 21111.

Need more information on Resource Bookings click here

Just log into MUSE and select myRooms&Resources from the My services menu. You may be asked to log in a second time.

The myR&R screen

The left hand pane lets you specify the resource you wish to book and the time-slot.

The right hand area gives you a visual display of when each resource is available to be booked.

myR&R booking

Booking a resource

To book a resource:

  1. Use the resource type menu to select the resource you are booking
  2. If you are not booking the resource for today, use the Date field to specify the date.
  3. If you need to, adjust the orange markers on the Time Range scale so that the right hand area displays the times you are interested in.
  4. To make your booking, click in the right-hand area, in an available white timeslot, at the approximate time.
  5. In the dialogue box, specify the exact start and end times for your booking
  6. If you need to reserve more than one resource indicate this in the Number of Items field
  7. To complete your booking click the Add button.

Your booking will be made and the time-slot will be indicated by a yellow block in the right-hand area.

If you need to cancel your booking click your yellow block and in the dialogue box click Remove.

Full list of bookable resources

  • Western Bank Library laptops
  • Royal Hallamshire Hospital Library laptops
  • Diamond laptops
  • Information Commons Group Rooms
  • Western Bank Library Group Rooms
  • Diamond Group Rooms
  • Information Commons Level 2, room 2.21a
  • Information Commons Level 6, room 6.07
  • British Library Minibus (free monthly service to the British Library Document Supply Centre at Boston Spa)

Additional Support Spaces are available at all sites to book through myR&R (for registered students only).

Creative Media

A full list of all Creative Media bookable resources including, suites, booths, studios and equipment is available here