How to order mobile devices and sim cards

From April 2015 new connections or out of contract changes and upgrades will be moved onto O2 NFC4 tariffs. Please see the Tariffs pages for available options. Please contact CiCS Admin Support with any queries relating to this at or on 0114 222 1199.

Mobile devices - new connections

  1. Choose a handset from our Devices page
  2. Choose a tariff from our Tariffs page
  3. Raise a Purchase Order to O2 (vendor code 12750) including:
    • Mobile user's name
    • Mobile user's department
    • The existing mobile number (upgrades or changes only, not required for new connections)
    • Handset required
    • Tariff required
  4. All device prices shown are excluding VAT.  When raising a Purchase Order please add VAT.

  5. Either email the order to, or post to:

CiCS Admin Support
10-12 Brunswick Street
S10 2FN

We will inform you once the items have arrived and are ready for collection from the Computing Centre Reception, Hounsfield Road.

Sim-only connections

There is no up-front charge for a sim-only connection.

  1. Choose a tariff from the Tariffs page
  2. Email the request to and include the following information:
    • Size of sim required
    • Device it is to be used in (device make and model)
    • Mobile user's name
    • Mobile user's department
    • Tariff required