Accessing your feedback via My Grades

First Login to MOLE through MUSE or by going to

My Grade access Method 1

This method is the quickest way of access your grades and is accessed from your MOLE homepage

  1. At the top right hand side you should see your name, this is the global navigation menu. Click on your name and you will see the following menu.
  2. Click on the fourth icon down, the one with a tick on it. This is called “My Grades”
  3. You have now accessed My Grades. This will give you an overview of all your grades across all your courses.
  4. You can choose to sort your grades by “All courses” or “Last Graded”
  5. If you click on a particular grade row for a course , on the right hand side you will see more detail about this grade and the course that it came from. From here you can access your feedback

My Grade access Method 2

  1. From your MOLE homepage, locate a MOLE course that contains an assessment you wish to get your grade for. Click on the course title
  2. From the MOLE course navigation menu on the left hand side you will see an item called My Grades. Click My Grades and you will see the main My Grades screen.
  3. Feedback that is available to you is outlined in blue in the assessment title (see picture example).

    Studdengt Feedback
  4. Click on the blue links and you will be taken to your feedback. The type of feedback you will receive depends on what the assessment type was. For example It could be a Turnitin assignment,MOLE assignment, Pebblepad assignment, Quiz or discussion board