Submitting an assignment in MOLE

  1. Complete your assignment. Save it with any cover sheets required by your department and giving it a name that is easy for you to identify when you come to upload it and which follows any naming conventions required by your department.
  2. Login to MOLE through MUSE or by going to
  3. Click on the link of the MOLE module to which you want to submit your work. Your courses are listed in the middle of the page under the ‘Course List’ area.
  4. Locate the assignment within the relevant MOLE course. You should talk with your department first if you are unsure which assessment you are supposed to be submitting.
  5. Click on the assignment title and you should see the following screen:

    Assignment submission
  6. Choose between writing your submission in the text editor and uploading a file. The most common selection is to upload a file. You are given a choice between uploading from your computer and uploading from the “content collection”. The content collection is your own personal area within MOLE that allows you to upload files into it.
  7. You may wish to add some comments in the text box at the bottom of the screen. If you know that your submissions are being marked anonymously then remember to not put your name in here (or on the submission itself).
  8. If you wish you can save a draft of the assignment by clicking “Save Draft”. You can then remove this draft at a later date and attah your final submission. Once you are ready to submit, click the submit button
  9. Review your submission. This allows you to check that this is the correct one. Your department may have allowed you multiple attempts. If this is the case and you have uploaded the wrong assignment, go back and follow the steps above to resubmit. However, If you have uploaded the wrong assignment and you cannot submit again, then please talk to your department first as they will be able to delete the submission and allow you to resubmit.

Group submission

If you have a group submission and your tutor has set up a group assignment submission point. The process of submitting will be be pretty much the same, but only has to be completed by one member of the group.

Once this has been done, the assignment will be marked as submitted for all members of the group. Ensure in advance you know which team member will be submitting the work.

You will know if a group assignment has been set up, as under assignment submission when you click into the assignment link you will see a Group Name. You will also be prompted on submission that you are submitting for your entire group when you submit. If you are unsure on the assignment type, please contact your tutor.

Submission receipts

When you submit your assignment you will recieve an email to confirm that your submission has been recieved.

This will contain:

  • A unique submission ID
  • Title of course and course ID
  • Title of your coursework and date of submission

If there has been an issue with submission. Your tutor or an administrator may ask you to provide this to cross reference the submission. Please keep this email safe.

You can also find this receipt from within the MOLE course.

  1. In the MOLE course, go to My Grades
  2. On the grey header above your grades click Submitted.
  3. At the bottom of this page you will see Submission receipts, with a number value next to it
  4. Click the number value and this will display all the submission receipts for assignments submitted on that course.