NVivo@Sheffield Poster Competition 

Tuesday 4 April 2017 

QSR International and the Sheffield Methods Institute are holding a poster competition, showcasing projects which used NVivo software.

Shortlisted posters will be displayed at the NVivo Seminar Series event, being held at the Sheffield Methods Institute on Tuesday April 4th 2017. The winning producer of poster will receive a grant of £400 towards attending an academic conference of their choice.

To enter the competition, email your poster to sheffield.competition@qsrinternational.com by 5pm on Monday 20 March 2017.

All Entrants must be current staff or students at the University of Sheffield.

The poster requirements are:

The theme of the poster competition is how you used NVivo to support your analysis. The poster should focus on your methodology and your use of the software.

Maximum size dimensions:
Width=84.09cm, Height=118.91cm (This is A0 portrait size)

Your poster should be saved and submitted in A0 pdf format regardless of what software (e.g. Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop LaTeX …etc) you used to create it.

Your poster should include your name, department and the title of the Poster. Text within the poster should not exceed 500 words (excluding references)

Logos should be included: As a minimum this will be the University of Sheffield logo but could also include sponsor or research collaborator/partner’s logos.

All posters should include appropriate referencing, either to acknowledge previous work or to refer readers on to further information.

Pdf’s submitted must be less than 1Mb in size.

Judging will be carried out by both representatives of the University of Sheffield, QSR International and an independent expert. Judging criteria is below:

  • Clear explanation of your research design and methods adopted
  • Clear explanation on how you used NVivo to support your analysis
  • Must be understandable to non-NVivo users
  • Relevant use of NVivo screenshots to illustrate how you conducted the analysis
  • Bonus points for any creative use of NVivo software