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Achieve compliance to the global standard for card payments

PCI DSS Compliance Project

June 2018

Pilot service for the new Academic Planning tool

Business Intelligence Management Information project

December 2016 to July 2017

Enterprise deployment of Single Navigation Point

Business Intelligence Management Information project

October 2017

Build a new interface for the complex costing facilities provided by URMS

Integrated Research Information System (IRIS) project

July 2017

Project paused to allow suppliers to resolve the reliability problems encountered

iSheffield Check-In Project

January 2017

A single sign-on portal gathering online services for enquirers

Enquirer and Applicant Portal

Project closing:
October 2017

Procure and start implement of a new system to manage student data

Student Systems project

January 2017

Implementation of recommendations from VLE review

VLE Development Project

October 2017

Kaltura Digital Media Hub has been launched and is now live

Digital Media Hosting project

Launched: July 2017

Implementation of new Service Management Tool

Service Management Tool project

Full launch:
May / June 2017

Feasibility phase completed, now entering the foundations stage

Identity and Access Management Project

Feasibility phase complete: June 2017

Project paused for supplier to document the API in the new version of Raizers Edge

Alumni Portal Project

On hold

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